Santander Universities Travel Award STAFF 2017-18

In partnership with Santander we have a number of travel awards of £500; £1,000 and £5,000. These travel awards are intended to help our students who are completing a course of study at Salford to visit, study or work in a university that is part of the Santander Universities Global network, either in the U.K. or worldwide.

Your details

All eligible staff and students wishing to undertake either a U.K. or an international visit or project will be invited to apply for a Santander Universities Travel Award.

All Santander Award recipients are required to participate fully in the University’s donor engagement activity as and when requested to do so. This includes, but is not limited to providing reports or updates (including photos if appropriate) on the project or work undertaken when requested by a member of University staff, which may then be included in University communications as appropriate; attending donor thank you events (usually one or two a year) when requested to by University staff; allowing details such as your name, course, project and expected year of graduation to be included in public University communications. 

Please also note that all successful Santander Universities award recipients must sign an award acceptance agreement prior to awards being confirmed, and agree to some personal information linked to or submitted as part of their application being shared with Santander Universities (a full explanation of this policy is contained in the award acceptance agreement).

A panel made up of representatives of the University, Student’s Union and Santander Bank will consider your application. The following guidelines are to ensure transparency and to allow you to put in the best application possible:

What is the project's title - please enter it here

What type of grant do you want to apply for?

You will be awarded the most points if you go for the smaller pots of funding. This is because the larger pots are less plentiful and therefore harder to allocate.

Have you previously been successful in receiving a Santander funded award?

We would like to prioritise recipients who have not previously been awarded. This is to try and allow as many different people to benefit from the funding as possible. Applicants that have previously been awarded Santander funding will be unlikely to be successful especially for applications that are similar in scope to previous awards. *Please note priority will be given to people who have not already received a Santander award.

Do you know which institution & country you want to visit?

It is important that you have researched and have a written agreement in principle with the host institution that they are happy for you to visit.

You are encouraged to travel to a Santander country. Santander allocate the funds to try and encourage cross fertilisation of ideas and visits. See here for details of Santander countries.

Please note if you are applying to travel to your home country funding is unlikely, however please include further information in your application as to why you have chosen to apply to travel to this country and the year of your last visit.

Contact Details of Institution you have a provisional agreement with (5pts)

This section will demonstrate that you have got a provisional agreement and that when allocated funding you can actually proceed with the travel planned

Please give information on the purpose of the visit, the benefits of the visit and the dates in which your visit will take place. (15pts)

In this section you will give details of the visit and why the research is important for your research plans. It is useful to give information here on length of visit, people involved, the type of activity being conducted, anticipated academic and research outcomes, etc. (10 pts)

It is useful to give information here on length of visit, people involved, academic/other outcomes, interest areas, areas of study etc. (Maximum words 750)

Please describe your journey to this point, any barriers to opportunities you have had - this could be around academic, personal, caring, disability or socio-economic factors – this is to enable us to target funds at those that demonstrate the most need.

You will also need to think about the benefits to the university and how you can use your visit to assist other students, the academic/social communities you are involved with and the wider university community.

Also describe how you will be supported by your School to undertake the research in terms of their commitment and any additional resources, mentoring or other forms of support that will be offered.

In this section outline how the proposed research activity will benefit the research strategy of your School and the University (5 pts)

How will your project/trip benefit the University and how will you disseminate any learning.

Are there any other factors or information that you would like us to know that would aid our decision to award you a travel bursary? (5pts)

If you think there are additional factors that you want to highlight or factors we should take into account then please detail them here. It might be something that doesn’t fit into the other areas or a personal consideration that you want the panel to consider.

Please provide supporting information for the budget breakdown for your project/trip.
Examples may include fundraising, discounts, personal contributions.

Contact Details of your programme leader / supervisor / line manager

We would like all programme leaders to be aware of your intended travel and support you in this endeavour.

Please note: We will contact all referees prior to final sign off. 

We will be contacting this person should we choose to progress with your application.
We will be contacting referees should we progress your application