University of Salford Incoming Erasmus+ Student Nomination Form

This form is to be used to make a request to join the University of Salford as part of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Please note:

Eligible students may received a grant payment for their Erasmus exchange. In completing this request form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the grant, which can be viewed at:

University Information

About the Student

Please provide the student email address.
Undergraduate courses are Bachelors, Postgraduate courses are Masters.
The title of the Programme the student would like to study at Salford. Please check the courses provided in each School (under the 'Courses' tab at the top of each School's Web page), and select which they will be applying to
Please check our semester dates, and choose the relevant option
Please select the students level of English based on the Common Language Framework. You can find IELTS equivalencies here
Please let us know whether the student you are nominating has any disability or support needs so we can begin to make the necessary arrangements.